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Picture of Nanotech Innovations Building Exterior Picture of Nanotech Innovations Building Exterior

Located in Oberlin, Ohio, Nanotech Innovations is at the forefront of nanotechnology research in Northern Ohio. The injection CVD system at the core of our product line was originally investigated at NASA Glenn Research Center. We recognize the demand for a reliable and affordable source of high purity carbon nanotubes. Our single-step process and instrumentation deliver nanotubes with low residual catalyst and virtually no amorphous carbon impurities. The Nanotech Innovations SSP-354 is a benchtop system that provides convenient access to exciting nanomaterials for education, research and product development.

Nanotech Innovations can also provide SEM imaging services at a cost much lower than university labs and testing facilities. Our Phenom Scanning Electron Microscope (SEM) provides imaging at 20-20,000X magnification with an ultimate resolution of 30nm. With real-time viewing available, NTI can perform a wide array of analytical imaging such as inspection of materials for imperfections, determination of uniformity of plating layers, etc. Detailed imaging of nanomaterials and photovoltaic structures is also available.

Nanotech Innovations, simple solutions for your nanotechnology needs!